Anchovy High School Girls Involved In Beating The Dean Of Discipline Faces Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action is to be taken against the students who were involved in Monday’s violent disruption at Anchovy High School in St. James, reports.

In a video, which has gone viral, a group of female students were seen attacking the Dean of Discipline after he tried to break up a fight. A decision was made to suspend students in grades 9 to 11.

The School board, administrative and academic staff, as well as the police reportedly met on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

It is said that following the meeting disciplinary action will be taken against the students directly involved in Monday’s incident and a committee will continue further investigations.

Classes are expected to be resumed on Wednesday (Nov 1st).

SMH: Group Of Anchovy High School Girls Beats Dean Of Discipline [Video]

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Amen to tht no chance kick them out ,lock down the school all who talking about give chance to look a new school send there kids bad breed

How ironic

I did for more than eight years and you give respect you get it. I have seen first hand how some teachers deal with the children and they are the nicest when the parent comes. OnceI went to my sons primary school and heard a teacher calling a little girl… Read more »


well betta dem beat unu now than shoot unu lata dont?