CEO and producer of UIM, Andrew Myrie known to fans as Anju Blaxxx, is seeking to remedy the malicious work of scammers who have been plaguing his musical career. In an official press release, UIM announced “ There has been a pervasive scam being done by unscrupulous persons, that has been ongoing for several months.

ANJU BLAXX yardhype

This started since summer of last year, when Anju Blaxxx was contacted by friends that someone was soliciting cash and call credit from a fake Facebook account.

Anju Blaxxx disclosed that clients have also been contacted and generally told by scammers using the Facebook page, that they are working on a rhythm and persons should send money via Western Union. However, the acclaimed producer wants to make it clear that, he does not have an actual Anju Blaxxx Facebook personal account, only a Fan Page which is under UIM, also he further emphasizes that he does not use Facebook to conduct business.”

General Vigilance
The UIM producer also took the opportunity to encourage prospective clients that they should be vigilant against phone and email scams that use his name as a lure. UIM (Uptempo International Music) does not initiate contact with clients from Facebook or request call credit, confidential access information or similar manipulative schemes.

Nevertheless for persons looking to conduct business with Anju Blaxxx of UIM, should contact UIM’s manager Ms. Tanya Thelwell officially: Tanya Thelwell [email protected] 18768984311 18765462759 or [email protected]

Meanwhile there are a number of projects in the pipeline for the producer. The latest rhythm is called Punjabi rhythm, which features artistes: Mavado, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Spice, Black Diamon, Alkaline, Konshens and more.

Recording artiste Tommy Lee video on the Punjabi rhythm is on YouTube. There’s also a single recently produced, for UIM’s artiste Blak Diamon titled: Bang Bang which has been enjoying rotation on the airwaves.

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