Antigua PM Says Barbudans Have No Choice But To Leave- Island Uninhabitable

Residents of the hurricane-ravaged island of Barbuda are being urged to evacuate ahead of the pending passage of Hurricane Jose – a Category 1 storm churning 800 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

“If this other storm, Jose is going to be a threat to Barbuda, we have to evacuate them,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne said after returning from a brief visit to the sister island late Wednesday.

“Nothing is functional in Barbuda,” he said, adding that he has given instructions that “every single soul must be taken out of Barbuda”.

“It has incensed a number of people who apparently thinking of staying and we have made it abundantly clear to them that they have no choice. If we have to use security officers to vacate them from the island we will do so,” he told radio listeners.

“As I said before Barbuda is uninhabitable even without Jose, which will be an additional threat. In its present form the island is uninhabitable,” Prime Minister Brown reiterated.

Irma, a deadly storm that took the life of a toddler in Barbuda, moved on to wreak havoc on islands of the northern Caribbean.

Resources, including security, medical personnel and critical supplies, were mobilized and helicopters were secured for transport to the island.

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Lol It’s a twin island guys so they move dem over from Barbuda to antigua where it’s much safer where they provide shelter food and clothing for the hundreds of person…

Why tho and they are one.

Hope is not Jamaica

Mi sure trump nuh wah dem deh deh. Smh