Argentina 0 – 0 Peru: Lionel Messi On The Verge Of Not Qualifying For World Cup 2018

Peru withstood everything Lionel Messi could throw at them – leaving Jose Pekerman’s side needing results to go their way on Tuesday night.

With only one match left in the South American qualifiers, Argentina stands a 6th in the table and need to ensure 5th spot to guarantee playoff against New Zeland to have a chance to qualify for Russia 2018.

Their next match is against Ecuador on Tuesday.

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Tell yuh bout reynoldo,ronaldino..a dem greats deh…wold cup winner

No World Cup without messi

One man nuh play ball suh all who a talk bout cloud bully and better than u all don’t know shit about football history, one man can’t play against 10 man kmft u all just fool to this messi gets better support in is club than is country smh so… Read more »

Brazil going to beat Chile, Colombia going to beat peru Messi will win so what’s the big deal Messi all the way str8888

So it go glad mi side a quality and a wait like a them a host it go Brazil