Attorney Against Suspending Students Who Made Verbally Explicit Video

Attorney-at-Law Kenyatta Powell, is of the opinion that the position taking by the administration of the St. Catherine High School to suspend the students featured in a verbally explicit video is unreasonable.

He summed it up as the school being too “heavy-handed” because of misplaced priorities.

“There has been an overreaction and as a result of that overreaction these students have now been punished in a most drastic way in that they have been suspended for five days,” said the attorney on RJR’s Beyond The Headlines on Thursday.

“I don’t take on the argument about bringing the school into disrepute at all. If people see this video and draw undue conclusions about St. Catherine High School, it seems to me that what has happened to those people is a lack of critical thinking,” he adds.

Education Minister Ruel Reid, after learning of the video, noted that there was definitely need for digital literacy, given the far-reaching impact of social media.

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The song hard tho me nah lie

Hypocrites fi real,nuff adults including teacher ,pastor, doing worse than these kids, Teachers hate each other, Tell lies on each other. Pastor in a fair with church sista. Father in afair with next door neighbor wife , And the list go on.we are here to guide and protect them, lets… Read more »

I nuh c Wa dem do wrong

Leave di rass claut Pinckney dem alone dem have freedom of speech and expression too

Don’t what a disgrace…. Pickney a pickney