Barcelona Plan To Sue Neymar Over World Record Transfer To Paris St-Germain

Barcelona are suing former player Neymar for 8.5m euros (£7.8m) over his world record move to Paris St-Germain.

According to Spanish media, Barcelona now wants him to return a renewal bonus he was paid when he signed a new five-year deal just nine months before forcing through the move.

“The club demands the player return the already paid sum as he has not completed his contract,” it said.

As well as the 8.5m euro bonus, the club wants “an additional 10% because of delayed payment”.

The statement continued: “The club also requests Paris St-Germain take on responsibility for the payment of these fees if the player cannot do so himself.”

The lawsuit was submitted on 11 August to the Labour Tribunal in Barcelona.

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It’s all because he leaves Barcelona …..

A problem fi get u at Barca from Santos now a problem fi u guh a psg frm Barca, Barcelona a ole dung den it’s all about unu n Messi n Messi naaa duh a fuck n unu goin ceet seh a neymagic a d man

Jeolousy cause neymar a make PSG a get attention!!!

Dats y mi nuh trust pple…fuka dem bill u up 2day an 2maro dem fight against yu

Looks like barca have money problems or the board needs to go! Either way #neymar tell them fi go suck dem mada dawg