Beenie Man Responds To Spice & Tell Her Fans To Go “Warm Up Their Sunday-Monday & Enjoy Life”

King of Dancehall Beenie man has issued a response to Spice and her fans seeking to clarify his “Queen of Dancehall” comments.

“The Queen of Dancehall, Marion Hall is baptised, so i am here to see the next queen to come,” Beenie man shared the comment on Saturday night during an interview with Onstage TV’s Winford Williams

“Bwoy me still a wonder how people take a compliment and turn it into criticism and conflict. It mek yuh wonder who have a “Bad” mind. Unnu nuh have some lef over Sunday dinner fi go warm up later?😂😂 Go find supm do and enjoy life man. #Movewidyuhbadvibes #guhwatchtheinterview #NoTimeFiNegativity #BeenieMan #kingofthedancehall” Beenie Man captioned on his Instagram next to the video below:

Spice Claps Back At Beenie Man Over His ‘Queen Of Dancehall’ Comment & Says The ‘King’ Is Incarcerated

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Queen of the dancehall needs to get earned through years of hard work and performance on/off stage. I can’t even remember the songs that spice has becuase is not interesting and something to vibe to, only loudness. Gyal you behiavor too nasty on social media everywhere to be accepted. If… Read more »

I remember him don’t u

Nobody remember him

U know a Pepsi mi buy though goodie I got u.

Evangelist JodianCephas a pepsi mi like😂😂😂