AFTER A 10-YEAR HIATUS BLACK SLATE RETURN WITH THEIR EAGERLY ANTICIPATED NEW SINGLE “WORLD CITIZENSHIP” – SHOWCASING IN LONDON ON THE 15TH JUNE AHEAD OF THEIR FORTHCOMING ALBUM, UK & EUROPEAN TOUR. London, UK, May 15 2013 – On the 15th June 2013 Black Slate release the long awaited & eagerly anticipated new single“World Citizenship” .UK Reggae Legends Black Slate first found recognition & success with chart topping hits”Sticksman” in 1977 & their Rastafarian rallying call, “Amigo” in 1981, which broke into the UK Singles Chart, reaching #9 with a BBC TOTP appearance for the band. After a 10-year hiatus they return with just the right mix of playful musicality and poignant lyricism they were so legendary known. Set to be showcased at The Silver Bullet on the 15 th June ahead of their forthcoming album to be released later in the year. Recorded at Unit 8 Studios in Hackney and set to be released through the new Hackney Based label Unit 8 Records. The official single Launch will be held at The Silver Bullet in London on the 15th June ahead of their UK & European tour in 2013. Dates to be announced. The show opens with well respected Tighten Up Crew with support from Paul “Ching” Hue & The Rainbow Ensemble ft. Earl “Wire” Lindo – the former leading keyboard player from the Wailers. After party until 3.30am hosted by Disorda (Dub Chronicles, Kane FM) Ever since the early sixties, reggae has become part of Britain’s musical landscape but as the scene started to explode one thing the country lacked was their own reggae bands. That was until Black Slate formed in 1974 – they became one of the first waves of British reggae bands to break from the UK, touring heavily around London and backing Jamaican musicians such as Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, and Ken Boothe. The members of Black Slate grew up in England and were united by their Black British background. Like Aswad and Steel Pulse, Black Slate showed that British reggae was a reality, with its own sound and its own thematic concerns. Ras Elroy Bailey original member, vocalist & bass guitarist says, “World Citizenship is a quote from the Negus Negast promoting world unity and the abolishment of passports – one love ”. Black Slate toured the UK in their own right for the first time in 1978 and released 7 albums between 1980 and 2002. The original members of Black Slate were, Chris Hanson, Desmond Mahoney, Keith Drummond, Cledwyn Rogers, Anthony Brightly and Ras Elroy Bailey. Black Slate currently still has 2 of the original members Ras Elroy (Vocals, Bass Guitar) Desmond Mahoney (Drums, Vocals) with new members Horace Burke (keyboards) Cliff Charles (Keyboards), Jackie Davies (Guitar) and Jezz Braide on (Lead Vocals). “World Citizenship” sees Harry T on the Trombone, Sarah Tobias on the Saxophone and Patrick Matix on the Trumpet.

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