Bobby Shmurda Ft. Rowdy Rebel & Chinx – 3 Shots

listen to this dope new tune from Bobby Shmurda – 3 Shots Feat. Rowdy Rebel & Chinx. An unreleased collab between Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel and Chinx called “3 Shots” surfaces.
Despite their continued incarceration, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel have managed to release music at a fairly consistent clip in 2015, meaning that they must have spent a lot of time in the studio before getting arrested. Their latest offering, “3 Shots,” also features the late Chinx.

The track is an eerie banger that maintains a low-key menacing sound until interrupted by gun sounds and an alarm that rings out through the hook. It’s a little foreboding and regretful to hear three guys whose lives have been ruined (or taken) by gun violence glorify it here, but there’s no doubt that they speak with authority on the subject.

Quotable Lyrics

Whoever holding on that money better bring the bread out
Every time we in the building boy we bring the feds out
We aain’t aiming for your legs, boy we want that headshot
Like, Bow!


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