Bounty Killer Endorse Protoje’s Blood Money, Says It’s As Big As “Look Into My Eyes”

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer has given reggae singer Protoje his stamp of approval for his song “Blood Money” and says it is as big a hit as “Look Into My Eyes” but just a different chapter.

On Sunday Protoje took to his social media page to praise Bounty Killer for his undeniable mark in the music industry. He also said Killer’s hit “Look Into My Eyes” is one of his favourite dancehall song of all time.

“The influence that [Bounty Killer] has had on Jamaican music is undeniable. Look into my eyes is my favorite dancehall song of all time. I hope blood money measures up.” Protoje wrote.

“It’s in the same book bro just another chapter that’s one of if not my favorite Protoje song loving the I works very inspiring as well🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼” Bounty Killer said in his response.

Bounty Killer “Look Into My Eyes” was released in 1999 on his 5th Element Album.

Stream Both tracks below and decide for yourself:

Protoje says Bounty Killer Inspired Blood Money [Video]

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Definitely. Big song…


Agree. ….this song is a staple in the art of genuine music…the song well written and rhythm well sealed.