Bounty Killer Says He Will Not Be At Sting 2012

Dancehall heavy weight Bounty Killer has made it public via Twitter that he will not be doing the popular Boxing Day show Sting this year due to comments that were made by Sting’s promoter… Laing on last week’s episode of Entertainment Report (ER).

Bounty Killer tweeted: “Who Laing think him be ppl??? I watched him dissed Beenie, dissed Vado dissed Kartel now dissed Ninja. Dissed me numerous times and finally dissed me again. A the nail inna that Sting coffin now that’s all folks!!” Bounty Killer tweeted.

He continued, “It’s official I Rodney Price a.k.a Bounty Killer won’t be doing STING this year, don’t know when again either ppl, Laing too bright to be comparing me to a insect inna music, and did they ask me if I’d clash anybody? Nope, but if it was just about the hype and money at this stage in my career I ‘d do it just for the fun of it, but it’s about demanding my respect and protecting my legacy and legendary iconic status.”

Laing also made comments about dancehall Veteran Ninja Man who have also publicly announced that he will no longer be doing Sting this year.


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