Bounty Killer Should Seek Psychiatric Evaluation, Says Foota Hype

Popular dancehall selector turned producer Foota Hype who has been embroiled in a feud with Dancehall Artiste Bounty Killer says the Warlord should seek help.

The selector says he is not sure why Bounty Killer has been taunting him online but he should seek treatment.

“Mi na lie mi really feel sorry fi Bounty Killer and as somebody weh mi use to role wid mi think him need psychiatric evaluation,” Foota Hype said

“Him need fi go get help yo caah just a go crazy over people so weh na deal wid yo, man deh every weh a comment a call mi name but mi na go follow him up cause it ago reach a stage weh mi na go talk no more from him start involve mi kids dem mi kinda a act different so a just pray mi ago pray fi him” Foota Hype told a popular radio station.

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