Brite Lite Funeral Director Hurt By Manner His Son’s Body Was Sent To Jamaica

Director and operator of Brite Lite Funeral Services and Supplies, Tommy Thompson, said he is hurt and broken about the manner in which his son’s body was sent to the island and he will be taking legal action against the England-based funeral home responsible.

“I’ve been in this business for a while, [and] our presentation is what made us what we are today. When I went to the airport and saw the condition my son was sent down in [it hurts]. He was not properly embalmed, it’s like when you go to a crime scene and just pick up a body; that was how I received my son, and that destroyed me,” Thompson said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

Reports are that Thompson’s son, Andrew, was in his second year of pursuing a degree in engineering at a university in England, but was murdered two weeks ago, having been stabbed 15 times. The funeral operator told the Observer that the stabbing was “over a woman” and that the perpetrator later turned himself in to the police.

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I knw what u are talking about because when you look after the dead them look good smell good and presentation up deh keep the faith you are a kind person continue doing good for the people of Jamaica bless

Who do business with him know what you talking about this man take pride in his work so he expect others to do the same

He paid to have his son body returned to jamaica it wasn’t like they’re doing him a favour… I’m just wondering if that particular funeral director was racist

Yes my dear the best comment that’s the same thing I was saying while I was reading

All when Jamaican dead dem treat we bad smh