Busy Signal calls Mavado a rapper groupie

Platinum-selling dancehall artiste Busy Signal has released ‘General Business’, aimed at Mavado for igniting a lyrical feud with his mentor, Bounty Killer.

Busy Signal refers to Mavado as a ‘rapper groupie’ who has lost his way because of a visa. Busy credited Bounty Killer for having a hand in DJ Khalid’s early development. Mavado is signed to DJ Khalid.

“From yu snitch dat a nuh gangster business, dem inform fi visa, follow back a man, a try rap, but dat a flop business. Alliance a Bounty Killer business, the amount of artiste him buss inna the business, even DJ Khalid a Killa give him a start pon the Ghetto Dictionary business, how long Killa a reign and still relevant right now, from we was little pickney. If a man have a disagreement settle dat, because it nah fi reach nuh preements, man a hype, get bright wid dem likkle three cent. Hip Hop groupie dat a dem achievement, dunce bat that’s why dem act indecent,” Busy Signal deejays.

Busy Signal also did a recent interview with recording artiste and media personality, Sanjay Ramanand, in which the Bumaye deejay said Mavado is a ‘small’ artiste.

“I just corrected little Mavado. we know little Mavado from Singing Blacks days. It was Alliance – Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Bling Dawg, Wayne Marshall and Busy Signal – then comes Mavado after that. I have VHS, not even DVD, or thumb drive, wen mi a introduce Mavado on stage,” Busy Signal declared.

“I am just disgruntled because how you have a disagreement with the General and it get to the public? Your disagreement don’t have to go to the public and get brawling, where even some little members around you, who are not even making sense on their own, are trying to disrespect a General that fed you, those same hands that gave you your first $1,000 bill. We deh deh and see everything. youth nuh dis di General,” Busy Signal warned.

The deejay also questioned Mavado’s achievement in the music industry besides taking pictures with rappers. Busy Signal said having a platinum record, Bumaye, is more valuable than any picture Mavado could take with a rapper.

Bounty Killer has already released three songs aimed at Mavado. However, Mavado told the media that he will not respond, claiming Bounty Killer was not on his level.

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