Cali P – Solution

The song starts with a beautifully orchestrated intro before CALI P roars into the chorus chanting “Eh mister man mi seh mi want a solution! Right now, out there so much problems”. From the get-go he sets the tone and blasts a reminder going out to the “bigger heads”: “Look like the money start blind dem, so mi use dem ears fi remind dem” – warning the people who place riches above their morality that “you cyaan bring ur riches inna Zion, so while u lost, u better find a way!”.
Although the song itself was influenced by life in Jamaica, which has been CALI P’s home for the past 4 years, this topic is not only global but also very current. The message is universal as people all over the world are suffering from the hardships of life which are created by the system we live in.
The track was recorded by RIGA (HEMP HIGHER), on a riddim produced by the world famous JUGGLERZ (Soundsystem / Label / Radio show ) and composed by reggae hitmaker JR BLENDER (MAD DECENT / SO SHIFTY) – Additionnal guitars were added by EARL CHINNA SMITH making it a guaranteed hit and assured crowdpleaser. It will also be included on JUGGLERZ new riddim selection releasing soon.

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