Cardi B Shows Off Her Engagement Ring While Rocking To Vanessa Bling Smash Hit

Bronx rapper Cardi B gave Dancehall artiste Vanessa Bling a huge endorsement over the weekend as she celebrates her engagement to Migos’s Offset.

Cardi B took to her Instagram on Sunday to show off her massive 8-carat, pear-shaped ring while listening to Vanessa Bling’s 2012 smash hit single “Everything Fi Hold Him”.

Vanessa Bling has since reacted to the endorsement, “[Cardi B] congrats hun, you always support my music,” she wrote. “You have everything fi hold him everything fi own him You goodgood weh a control him everynite eno.”

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But me nah look at them I voice my opinion who cares what they want to say I don’t do social media fight as a matter of fact I don’t fight at all life is too short to argue over simple things

Damn ugly ofc but because it is expensive n full of real diamond it is not

Neatbody Tash it’s a very ugly ring fa real! By these ppl reason it can’t be ugly bcuz it’s expensive 😂😂😂 illiteracy at its finest

Michy EvablessBo am not surprise they say am badmind I’m on the page for couple days well since I’m following n if someone don’t agree to what they want them to r voice their opinion the first thing is badmind,hate,suckyuhmada etc

Me nah cow u down I’m just speaking How I feel the same way u did about cardi ring. And it’s good to know that people can’t hurt u by talking.