Carlene Backs Danielle D.I. In Feud With Ishawna, “I’m sticking with family”

Beenie Man ex-wife Carlene says she was compelled to defend herself after being thrown into the lyrical confrontation between her cousin Danielle DI. and Ishawna.

Carlene was drawn into the feud when Ishawna made reference to her in her Headshot diss track. In the track, Ishawna lists all the men in the music industry D.I. allegedly had sexual relations with including her cousin’s ex-lover, Beenie Man.

“This is a public service announcement. This is the original Dancehall Queen Carlene,” she says in the song’s intro. “Cous, please tell that b…h don’t call my clean name in her filthy mouth,” she Carlene sings.

In an interview with The Star Carlene shares why she had to step in the war to defend herself and her cousin.

“Ishawna called my name in her song saying that I told her something. That is just not true,” she said. “It’s tracing, and in dancehall we know how these things go. But when you say certain things, especially when you call somebody’s name to say they told you something, that’s different. Don’t say I said when I never said anything like that.”

Carlene also said that people has been calling her to question if its true that Danielle D.I. and Beenie Man had sexual relations which she said is not true.

“Danielle never f….d Beenie Man, and Beenie Man never f….d Danielle.” She said

As it relates what persons want to say about her getting involved in the feud, the former dancehall queen said she could care less as D.I. is family.

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No problem Carlene you should stick with family but the public will stick to ishawna


Carlene a retired citizen. Stay out young ppl business

Never married

Carlene u sticking with DI can’t help her better u go sit down and tell DI fi drop the pen and go BBC sleep.. Ishawna war bigger than her..