Catching Up with Talented Actress “Starlet Karina Diglyte”

unnamedAfter watching films such as Fourever, Demons and Doors, Intoxicated, Mandala, Can flowers grow from concrete?, Zohra and Venus de Boticelli– you realize just how talented the actress Karina Diglyte really is and how influential she over the industry with her beauty, brains and talent.
Karina Diglyte sat down for an exclusive interview with us just to give us some more details about her life and her upcoming projects and roles. She was excited and eager to speak with us – she wants people to know that they too can pursue their dreams no matter what.

So when did the actress first start getting into performances?

“I loved films since early age, but first I got into acting when I started acting for a TV show Candid camera, where I would be in every episode acting out real situations – pranks,” smiled Diglyte.

The attention she received from this would later that year (2004) land her a gig and change her career path forever.

“Then I got TV commercial for national TV advertising Mobile Company. Even thought I had business Bachelor’s degree and was working in the bank, I decided to change my career and study acting,” said Karina.

Dedicating herself to the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, she continued to hone her acting skills to compete with other top-notch actors in the industry. In 2009, her career jumpstarted again and she has since landed dozens of gigs from feature films to short films to music videos to theatre and commercials. But her best work is yet to come, according to Karina Diglyte.

“My biggest achievement is that I was cast to play a lead role in a feature film opposite Al Pacino,” said excited Karina, “The film will be shot in Los Angeles this year.” Also that i just finished filming amazing film with BAFTA winners Simon Giles and Alan Church, i was playing lead role as a Hollywood movie star, where i have performed the famous Fats Waller song “Ain’t misbehavin”, the song was previously performed by movie stars like Gena Rowlands and Billie Holiday.

The scene was shot in famous Royal theatre Drury Lane, Soho, London.

Well, big news from the actress herself. Her career is transforming into an unforgettable experience that we will get to witness as she continues to make leaps within the industry and creating masterpiece films with her roles.



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