Celebrating Bob marley’s Birthday and Jamaica Reggae month

Celebrating Bob marley’s Birthday and Jamaica Reggae month Jamaica Reggae Music is a favourite around the world and February is celebrated in Jamaica as Reggae Month and Bob Marley’s Birthday. Reggae lovers around the world are in for a feast as the full month of February, Reggae events will be staged all over the island of Jamaica.

The launch of these activities will start with the celebrations of Bob Marley’s birthday. The king of Reggae was born on February 6 and this year his former home, now the Bob Marley Museum, will host a very special party to honour this great man.

The climax of Bob Marley’s birthday celebration will be a party called “Soul Shake down Party” at the Bob Marley’s Museum. For people celebrating Jamaica Reggae Music, this is the party to go. Music from Bob’s era will be played non stop from 7 p. m. to 2 a. m.

in addition to this, Tuff Gong International, Bob Marley’s famous recording studio and shop will invite schools to participate in a special event by the name of “making music.” Students will be able to see how Bob’s records are produced and hear all about music production.

As a tribute to Bob Marley, there will be a three hour symposium, called “welcome to Jamrock, Reggae Music’s influence on the tourism indstry and the economy”

Jamaica Reggae Music Month is not all about Bob Marley as Kingston which is the cultural capital of Jamaica and the Caribbean will come alive during February with a host of other Reggae events.

Reggae villages will host live concerts, parties, films, exhibitions and award shows. Famous night spots such as Asylum Nightclub and Passa Passa will be the place where party goers will flock.

Bob Marley has put Jamaica on the map as the Reggae Music capital of the world. This has brought Jamaica fame and helped its tourism industry to grow as thousands of visitors come to Jamaica just to see the Bob Marley Museum to learn about his life and work.

Jamaica Reggae Music is now more than just entertainment for Jamaicans. Reggae music is now one of our major income earners so during February students and entrepreneurs focus on learning the business side of Reggae.


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