Celebrating life with Ruffi’s music

“V.I.P!” a man shouted over the clinking of wine glasses; a backdrop matching his mood filled with echoes of celebration, singing along “My Life Is rough from the day mi born… still I’ve been holding on…” a song by dancehall rising star Ruffi, whose music continues to blaze airwaves across the globe. The song ‘Life’ hit #1 spot on charts in Jamaica and United States, and is a favorite among many Jamaicans, who either are experiencing or overcame struggles inflicted by living in a poor nation, yet reflecting on the humble path to success and the will to endure.

Ruffi’s affection for music started from an early age, primarily influenced by his grandfather who was a drummer and drum maker, and also local DJs who he used to tag along with to perform on the sound system ‘Phoenix Supreme’ while growing up in Westmoreland, Jamaica. After graduating from Knockalva Technical High School, he relocated to Kingston to live with his stepfather who at the time was the owner of ‘German High Power Sound System’ where he strived to make a name for himself. This attributed to his keen music awareness and his unique ability to flow on rhythms.

Ruffi continues to be influenced by artists such as Reggae Superstar Bounty Killer and admits that he respects a lot of his work in the dancehall arena. With years of hard work and determination, he added songwriting and music entrepreneurship to his resume, while continuously honing his skills. He hails as exemplary mentors, artists such as 50 cents and P. Diddy for their artistic and business abilities.

The self-made artist Ruffi worked with many top producers out of Jamaica, most notably Kevin “Payday” Green, Richie Loop and others. Ruffi is a firm believer in giving back to Jamaica, and his top priority is to help create employment opportunities for many of his fellow countrymen, through his initiative to conduct business within the entertainment industry in Jamaica. He continued such efforts in Kingston by filming the music videos for his hit singles ‘Life’ and ‘Come Ova’ from his EP ‘Progress Diversify’ released January 2017 on the label ‘Smallboxx Records.’ While in the process of video production for ‘Life’ he had to tackle the harsh reality of a niece, 15 years old Shanika Gray, being murdered in Montego Bay Jamaica, thus stopping all projects to be with his family until she was buried.

With a strong social media presence, Ruffi is now setting out on a radio tour starting with Jamaica, United States, Bahamas, Canada, and other countries. Many more glasses will clink as people celebrate their success, but as for Ruffi there is a long road ahead, and with each passing day he is determined to work harder. Like his song ‘Life’, he reminds us not to give up even in times of difficulties.



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