Charly Black says his music is making a strong impact

Dancehall artiste Charly Blacks is making it clear that he feels dancehall music has more to offer to the world.

The Bike Back artiste has had several shows in the Caribbean and Europe in recent times, and shared that his music is making a strong impact.

“From mi a grow up mi wah represent wey mi come from and now, I am able to do that with music. That is why I always big up mi place.”

“Dancehall is very big in other countries and mi a duh good music and so the people are receptive. Dancehall still going places and mi know dat,” he told The STAR.

Charly Black also said that he has several new singles in the pipeline, but he is focused on promoting new singles, Squeeze It featuring Dexta Daps and All About The Paper.

“People already a seh di song a guh hit, and it has a international feel. When I am writing songs, I focus on what I think the people want to hear. I am a selector as well so I know what they expect and that is exactly what I deliver. All About The Paper jus release and already people have been talking about it,” he said.

Charly Blacks might not be well recognised in Jamaica but he has a strong following in places like Costa Rica.

One of his controversial performances was recently featured on popular gossip website

The music video for Bike Back has already received more than 500,000 views on His collaboration with J Capri, Whineand Kotch, has received more than 24 million views.

The deejay recently collaborated with up-and-coming dancehall talent Press Kay for a single called Come Fi Di Knockaz and premiered his new music video Party Animal on CVM TV’s Onstage.

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