Check out this New Clothing Brand “FOREIGNA”

Foreigna Apparel LLC, branded as FOREIGNA is an American clothing, footwear and accessories brand from Atlantic Highlands New Jersey.

The company was founded by former St. John’s University student and Jamaican born Mark Wilkins. His motivation came from the love of music, art and fashion at a young age in Jamaica.

But back then he couldn’t pursue his dreams after losing his mother at a young age. The passion of music and fashion lived with him until FOREIGNA was established in February 2013 and officially launched it’s online store in March 2016. is powered by Shopify with secure buying on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. FOREIGNA, introduced its Spring Collection with a motto “It’s a Journey, Time to Travel”.

Their unique design logo is the bird Pied Wheatear, native to Southeast Europe and Western Asia and has been found wintering in India and Northeastern Africa. FOREIGNA goal is to provide you with pure Comfort, Fashion and Style while taking you on a Journey around the world.

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