Clap Backs: Bounty Killer’s Response To A Fan Who Said His Career Done

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer is pure drama when it comes to clapping back at disrespectful fans on his social media platforms.

So the veteran ‘Warlord’ uploaded a throwback photo with himself and Vybz Kartel with the following caption:

“BLACK STAR POWER: If A Warlord Did Rule Di World Ghetto Ppl Woulda Never Never Poor Nuh More! Written By Adidja Palmer @vybzkartel The Father and The Son, Rodney Price and Adidja Palmer, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel. Cross angry miserable!!! Up 2 Di Time!!! In the early 2000s the Alliance was unstoppable and untouchable, nobody could mess with both the War Lord and War Angel weh buss di bumboclaat Haskell. This is the REAL Vybz Kartel the Blacka Kartel.” Killer wrote

One ‘lucky’ fan decided to add a negative comment saying “Kartel a di boss him diss up [Bounty Killer] wicked so til mi stop rate him. Vybz Kartel rule dancehall bounty career done” the fan wrote

Killer’s response;
“@bosshovab Go back to jamal illiterate mamal how my career must be done when is kartel wants to do collaboration? its not me who initiates or suggest doing any song with kartrl ask him nuh but gaza fans lots of unun helped to send the dawg a prison shut up yu shut up ur stinking shit up keyboard mouth batty fish🤣🤣🤣”

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Y some a Dem Ute nuh guh Korea guh fight war if Dem like war. A father and And so reunite and a do a thing mek it stay a good fi the business every body make mistake and Kartel and bounty thing anuh no body business cause a him… Read more »

Sigh? Ah Sah! Me general just leave dem mek dem chat , cause you in a bigger league than them, waste people dem

Korea need troops so if Dem like war go war Abt 10 years the man dm a live bad Kartel deh jail and
see a him father him a reason BK with who did expect it

Dem love talk and dont understand music killa can never done hes at legendary status would you say a beres done no ?fucker dem love chat beenie man and killa never done as long as dancehall around

Quick mix
Quick mix
Killa will always be nessacary learn that yute go easy and chillax a killa make the same kartell who you claim say you rate just because kartell teach unuh nut’n but ignorance some of the most dellusional people ever exist unuh last days gaza dunce bat selfish and ignorant just… Read more »