Craigy T reintroduces his fashion line ‘RBS by Craigy T

Talented artiste and Entrepreneur Craig Thompson, also known as Craigy T, has enhanced another aspect of his achievements in the Jamaican cultural landscape.

The TV personality, Music Label Executive, Fitness Guru, Event Promoter and member of the Reggae Dancehall Group T.O.K, has now improved on his fashion designer persona with the reintroduction of his fashion line ‘RBS by Craigy T’.

Officially released in 2013, Royally Bold Styling (RBS) has been officially relaunched with a set of custom made and custom fitted shirts put on exclusive racks in select stores in Kingston Jamaica this past Christmas season.

Craigy T, who had always had a unique sense of style, felt dissatisfied with the offerings made available on the market from both fashion designers and merchandisers.

“I’ve never been able to just buy things just because they’re in style. Anyone who’s been shopping with me knows how picky I am with what I wear, especially when there are so many male clothes that look like they were built for women rather than men. After seeing a piece of fabric that “spoke to me” I was like “Yooo, I can make what I want to wear” Craigy T explained.

RBS is specifically tailored for the fashionably casual but classy male only and currently consists of mostly shirts; short sleeved, clean cut, sharp lines and detailed stitching. The brand will be expanding to include suits in the future, so far, with the stock being made available over the Christmas season, customers have shown great interest in the line and this has assisted the team in determining the expansion plan for 2016.

“I’ve never been one to oversell or blow my own trumpet. I believe my quality speaks for itself. #RBS is a brand for the man that wants to be garbed in royally inspired fashion and still effortlessly evoke an aura of strength and control. If that’s you, then #RBS is for you” added Craigy T.

Though the line is not yet available online for purchase, pieces from the ‪#‎RBS By CraigyT collection are available at Avery’s Boutique Jamaica located at 111B Molynes Road in Kingston.

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