Dancehall artiste Bugle has teamed up with UIM Records for his latest single titled ‘Nuh Compatible’

The collaboration has borne fruit, as the track has been enjoying solid rotation on the local airwaves since it was released less than two weeks ago. In a release to the media, Bugle explained that this was a subject that he had always wanted to tackle due to the fact that persons can easily relate to a song on this subject.

“The song was influenced by day-to-day life experiences. I might not have gone through it, as well as I might have. It has been said that every hoe have them stick a bush, so you and everybody not gonna be compatible,” Bugle stated.

Bugle, whose real name is Roy Thompson, said the issue raised in Nuh Compatible had been lingering for a while but it was never sung about, the way he brought it across in the track.

The artiste, who is best known for a steady diet of thought-provoking lyrics, including What I’m Gonna Do (Exercise Everyday), Journeys, Pearly Gates, and Don’t Give Up, says the feedback to Nuh Compatible has been overwhelming.

“The feedback has been surprisingly great. This song actually makes me realise how serious Jamaican people take this compatibility issue,” he noted.

A video for the track is to be directed this week by Jay Will.


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