Dancers Accused Artiste Of “Fighting Them” To Go Viral (Video Inside)

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has come under fire once again after allegations that he tried to hurt Dancers in another bid to go viral.

A few weeks ago Ganggoolie came under heavy criticism after a video of him dancing on the back of a woman surfaced online.

According to Team Spice member, Dancehall Queen Tall Up, the deejay found it entertaining to treat them like they were fighting while performing at a recent event.

“mi did say mi never did ago post this caz this nuh look gud fi post but since ganggoolie find it entertaining fi dance with we like him a fight we n post it… mi affi post it n talk mi mind….now u mr gangoolie mi realise ya do alot of f**kery from other day jus fi go viral tell mi if this look gud suppose u did mek mi friend [Queen Moiika] drop n hit her head suppose u did throw mi over pan mine.” DHQ Tall Up said in a lengthy Instagram post.

“but if a dem publicity stunt here unu a use to go viral n buss it na go work caz u #LAME !!!! gangoolie it #HURT me fi know say a somebody like u do this wah mi always a support pan u song dem jus fi give u the st hope u nuh get wah u did want !!!! dancehall gone to the dogs!!!! not fun anymore c say the man dem nuh love woman again caz if a this u ado fi lil exposure god go with u!’ She adds

Ganggoolie is yet to share his side of the story. Watch videos below.

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