Danielle D.I. Back On I.G. Announced New Track Amidst Ricardo Fuller Statement

After taking a break from social media Danielle D.I. is back with an announcement that she will be releasing a  new track titled “Nothing on Me.”

Sources close to the singer, D.I  only revealed that she will be setting the record straight on a number of topics once and for all in the forthcoming track.

D.I. was the talk of social media over the weekend after her’ex’ Ricardo Fuller issued a statement refuting claims that they had a 1 million pound settlement.

Ricardo Fuller Issues Statement On Danielle D.I Engagement & Cash Settlement Claims

Think this is a diss track for Ricardo Fuller? or Ishawna?

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One big pappishow

Dwl yes jesus take her under your wings

Really walking dead!. Ishawna head shot never connected good lol

Every boaster shall be abase ,lying lips is abomination unto the Lord

DI di joke is on you now