Danielle D.I. Claps Back At Ishawna On I.G & Gets Support From Renee-Sixthirty

The war of words continues on Instagram between female dancehall artistes Danielle D.I. and Ishawna following the release of a gritty diss track titled ‘Talk Up’ by D.I. taking aim at the former Downsound Records deejay.

Following the release of the track around about two days ago Ishawna took to her Instagram yesterday and upload a photo of her standing in front of the white Benz bought by Joe Bagdonivich which was a reference in D.I’s diss track.

“Pressure dem like Cow Foot👑,” Ishawna captioned beside the photo.

Today Ishawna went a step further with a cryptic Instagram post taking aim at D.I.

“some gal head hot cause dem suck hood wid teeth…my head hot from gal fi get beat🙃. #PressureDem” She wrote

Now D.I. has clap back at Ishawna with a post on her Instagram.

“Na walk x a look dick fi bite x mi pussy well tight so a bitch nuh have nutten pon mi😂” D.I. wrote

Danielle also got the support of popular dancer Renee-SixThirty who have been accused in recent times of being in a romantic relationship with reggae/dancehall singer Frassman Brilliant.

“Ye gal” an elated Renee-SixThiry wrote in the comment section of D.I’s post.

“Mek she move har nasty 😷 fuck out done out self nuh dish towel cah style yuh” a fan also wrote in support of Danielle D.I

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And Renee six thirty is who again????


Pappi wife aguh kill u

Real talk man 😂😂😂😂😂

Mek Reneea move her bloodclat and go pay attention to her stink Ole