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First off I didn’t know who she was until the ISHAWNA situation. Second she’s not suppose to talk about a settlement if that is true. 3. Girl ISHAWNA don’t want your life smh stop lying. Girl your a liar and very irrelevant. #wasteoftime.

Unnuh fi low d gal mek she talk har mine a ishawna one fi talk leave d rass gal cause some a unnuh a chat an unnuh life sad like micheal jackson funeral.unnuh gawn like ishawna a goodas not because unnuh nuh like a person unnuh fi pan them back… Read more »

Woww di your comprehension of the interview, and interviewers question, speaks volume about your intelligence, very ghetto, two wrong no make one right.. end it move on as that will show if you have any class, looking pretty sell, but character speaks more volume about you

Done the dutty gal yes D.I.

Same way so…. kiss my teeth dem need fi give the girl a break…. gwan beat them bad yah Ishawna Smith