Demarco and Tifa Remixes the Belleh single

Dancehall artiste and TV Personality Sanjay is still reveling from the momentum of the Belleh movement which started last year with a slang he coined on Reality Show, Digicel Rising Stars.

The ‘Belleh’ Slang evolved into a dance move and a recorded single that featured Sanjay, dancer Shelly Belly, and young dancehall talents Innovata and Deep Jahi. The single, that was remixed a few weeks ago with Dancehall powerhouse acts Demarco and Tifa, can now boast hype visuals to boost the promotion.

The Remix, like the Belleh Original single, is produced by Portland Cottage Productions and breathed new energy to the already popular track by adding a different mix and arrangement.

“The artistes’ collaboration happened in a very organic way. I ran into Tifa at a charity event and mentioned the idea to her and sent her the track and by the next day she was ready to record. Shelly belly went to a Demarco video shoot and mentioned it to him as well and he told us to link him at his studio and the rest was history.” Sanjay explained.

The response to the remix has been huge so far in Jamaica with tremendous support from street events and increased radio rotation. The overseas interest in the single and dance move is steadily growing with even Shelly Belly visiting Russia recently teaching workshops that include the popular Belleh dance steps. For this reason a music video for the remix was inevitable.

“We remixed the song. We remixed the dance. So we had to remix the video. It was a pleasure to work with this cast of talented entertainers who took their role very seriously and handled everything quite professionally” Sanjay added.

The Belleh Remix video was shot on Lyndhurst Road at the famous “Bermuda Squad Headquarters” and was directed by Wade Rhoden and Krusha. The visuals also feature clips of dancers all over the world, including Colombia, Sweden, Argentina, Japan and France; performing to the Belleh single and doing the Belleh dance moves.

The ‘Belleh Saturdays’ weekly series will return in short order as well sporting a new venue, D’Amor 80 Constant Springs Road, and a brand new Title Sponsor ‘Magnum Tonic Wine’ . Belleh fans can also look out for a Belleh Movement Documentary later this year.

The Belleh Remix Official music video can be viewed on local TV platforms as well as international video upload service YouTube.

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