Dennis Brown treated like trash… While Bob marley treated like God

It’s despicable, disgusting and disgraceful the way the memory of the late great Dennis Brown has been treated by Jamaica, both in the public and private sectors. Once again the concert planned to honor the prince of reggae has been postponed.
The month of February, which is the birth month of Dennis Brown came and went without any tribute being done in the memory of one of Jamaica’s great sons.

Instead we are being told that just like last year, the concert to honor the prince of reggae has been postponed. At the same time, hundreds of events were done in memory of Bob Marley, who was also born in February.

Of course the king of reggae is deserving of all that is done in his memory but the prince of reggae deserves the same. Dennis Brown contributed just as much as Bob, he was just as talented as Bob and deserves no less glory than that of Bob.

Dennis Brown might not attract as many tourists to the island as Bob Marley but that should not prevent entities like the Jamaican Tourist Board (JTB) or Red Stripe Beer from sponsoring celebrations being down in Brown’s honor. Since these entities want to be so disrespectful to a deserving legend, maybe reggae fans all over the world should boycott Red Stripe Beer and the JTB.

Even the Marleys should have stepped forward and use their power and clout in the industry to make the honoring of Dennis Brown a reality. Some will try to blame not honoring Dennis on the Jamaican election. That story does not fly, however, because last year there was no election when the event to honor reggae’s prince was postponed.
Let’s start honoring all our great ones regardless of how much melanin is in their skin.

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