Desha Ravers Tells Her Dad Beenie Man Exactly What He Needs To Do!

Deshagaye Davis, daughter of veteran dancehall artiste King Beenie Man has shared her dissatisfaction with her dad and encouraged him to do bet better.

In a recent interview with Loop, Deshagaye more popularly known as ‘Desha Ravers’ discussed her career new dance ‘fling’ and her uneasy relationship with her dad.

“mi just think him need fi step up him thing him a mek whole heap a luu move so him just need fi start be a man a father and everything in a one now.” she explained

“the person weh everybody know out a road a no the person weh me know so everybody out a road can say weh dem waah fi say or criticize or anything weh dem waah do but yo see becuase me know weh me know mi no need fi say nothing to nobody him know weh him know to so all mi a fi say is just step up yo thing” Desha said.

With regards to her dance “Fling”, she says she is still promoting it though she is hoping to roll out new dance moves.

Desha says she hopes to also become a stylist and a model.

On the topic of ‘Luxury doll,’ Desha says plastic surgery is not for her but has no issue with other women going under the knife.

Desha Ravers Slams Father Beenie Man On His Birthday, “I Just Can’t be Fake”

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So twisted, she always brag about him being a good dad# truth is you a adult now do Yuh own ting# Yuh thing Yuh fada legacy big like the Marley’s!!!

Bernie Nuh rich like may weather so she nah go get Nuh big house from him on Nuh big Benz nah bimma so she affi go work hard fi weh she want.jus like how Bernie work hard fi him own…

well for me I just think she is a spoiled brat

Ntn more than she want something an har daddy no think she ready fa an she vex

Exactly sick of the social media drama kmdt