Stephen Di Genius – attacks industry politics with new single ‘Me Alone’

Rarely does a local artiste take a strong stance against the politics and undermining that occurs within Jamaican music… However, one of the island’s top producers has launched a scathing attack on the industry with his newest release.

Award winning hit maker, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor started his New Year by releasing a thought-provoking track entitled, Me Alone. Reminiscent of Dancehall in the early 1990s, Di Genius opens the single with an intro reminiscent of a young Supercat before addressing some of the industry’s biggest issues.

Wasting no time addressing his concerns, Di Genius deejays, “Me jus’ a easy, watch dem, bag a man a fight fi top ten. Yow, unuh nuh see dat a di problem, Quality control: The only way fi solve them. So unnu listen me clearly and nuff a dem will seh dem a radio man, from mi nuh inna dem link, dem nuh play yuh song, unnuh get it, from Johnny Wonder email yuh song.”

Di Genius addresses the long-standing issue of ‘pay for play,’ addressing the integrity and ethic of various disc jockeys, radio personalities and other industry players when dealing with new material. The prominent producer insists his refusal to delve into such politics while insisting preference and friendship has cause Dancehall and Reggae music to deteriorate in quality and substance.

Me Alone has already infiltrated the Jamaican airwaves, stirring controversy within music circles while opening up a long-standing debate that music has become a profession where ‘the highest bidder ‘or strongest link usually wins out. Di Genius insists that if it was up to him, many of the songs hitting radio stations and appearing on Riddims wouldn’t be pushed to the masses.



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