Di Genius Produces Song For Nelly Furtado

Having had much success over the years, producer Stephen McGregor has written and produced a song for Canadian singer Nelly Furtado’s album. Known for songs like I’m Like A Bird and Turn Off The Light… Furtado released her album The Spirit Indestructible on September 18. The album features Don’t Leave Me that was written and produced by McGregor.

recorded in Florida The producer explained that he made contact with Furtado while he was in Florida doing work with Sean Paul. McGregor said some of their sessions were done in Jamaica but the song that came on the album was recorded in Florida.

Although not the first international act that he has done work with, McGregor said Furtado was relatively easy.

“Working with her, she was really cool, down-to-earth and just humble. It was the regular studio vibes like how I would work with anybody else,” he told THE STAR.

McGregor noted that he did other songs during his session with Furtado that did not make it on the album, but the future of those songs remain uncertain.

Signed to EMI Music Publishing, McGregor said he has written songs that EMI has submitted to other overseas labels. These songs, he said, “can end up in pretty much anybody’s hands.”

other projects

He noted that some other projects are being negotiated but he is unable to give details until they are confirmed.

Throughout the year, McGregor said he was very busy on overseas projects. Now, he is back in Jamaica and has already released the ‘Moving’ rhythm that features Jah Cure, Anthony B, Freddie McGregor, Chino, Christopher Martin, Marcia Griffiths and others.

In addition to his song Need My Love on the ‘Moving’ rhythm, McGregor recently collaborated with Shaggy on Falling In Love.

Before the end of the year he will also release hardcore dancehall rhythms like ‘Face Off’, ‘Jump Out’ and ‘Mad World’.

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