Did Alkaline Take Aim At Tommy Lee Sparta & Sean Kingston With This Instagram Post?

Pop star Sean Kingston recently announced that he has signed Montego Bay based deejay Tommy Lee Sparta to his recording and distribution label Time Is Money Entertainment and Warner Bros.

The two have been seen together a lot lately and video of Sean Kingston putting his hands in Tommy Lee hair has been making the rounds online. See below

#SeanKingston n #TommyLeeSparta – #yardhype

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Following the video, vendetta boss Alkaline uploaded a video promoting his song Woman Alone that is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

“Done see say dem a bitch smh . Check out my new sound #realwidit #dealwidit #doneseeit” Alkaline captioned next to the video.

Is Alkaline throwing shades at #Tommyleesparta n #SeanKingston ?

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Me no Tommy Lee kartel an Kingston a real fren nuh fake lile vado an alkaline.

Me jus did go seh di samething me G smh mek di pussy dem gweh sparta me seh

Black ppl never happy for each other….there is always some jealousy.

Ppl fool yf so if e man rub e man head when unnu ready unnu no raml wid one another bay fuckery unnu cum pan social media cum chat

unu av a funny mind.. D rainbow battyman at dat Alkaline put on.. How unu nu say nothing about dat..So if a girl touch a nex girl hair she a lesbian.. Me sure me c alka a perform over seas n hug up him artist fren wen dem a perform… Read more »