Ding Dong ‘Diss’ Busy Signal In New Track? “mi no Busy signal weh call Gary”

Dancehall artiste Ding dong seems to have taken aim at Busy Signal in his recently released song titled Flairy on the “Mhm hm” riddim produced by Jamaican label, Jones Ave Records.

A particular verse in the track Ding Dong sings, “Weh yo check say man lamy, mi no busy signal weh call Gary”

Listen below and judge for yourself:


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This is jamaica and this is dancehall from yuh call mi name curtain way a war yah look

Ding dong nuh lyrical enough fi go clash busy smh kill dat busy

Kmt di song all so rass lame waste mi time listen it

Mi did rate u until now!

Turf president nuh gi da noisy bwoy deh nuh no hype mi general