Drake poke fun at Meek Mill… 2 Killed at OVO’s after party

A shooting at an OVO Fest afterparty kills two, wounds at least three.

An otherwise very successful OVO Fest was capped off by tragedy last night, as an afterparty at Toronto’s Muzik nightclub was interrupted by gunshots that wound up claiming two lives and injuring at least three others. The Associated Press reports that the shooting began inside the club “and then spilled onto the streets outside.” Going down inside the club was the official OVO Fest afterparty, and although Drake was scheduled to appear there, it’s currently unclear whether he was inside when the shooting began.

Police on the scene identified the two casualties as a man and a woman in their 20s or 30s, and said that three others were hospitalized for their injuries. They believe “there could be more victims at other locations” as well.

During lastnight’s OVO Fest, Drake decided to poke fun at Meek while putting up some hilarious memes in his honor.

Drake’s OVO Fest is going down right now in Toronto, and all eyes are watching to see what happens. After running through his rehearsals earlier rockin’ a “Free Meek Mill” shirt, Drake decided to open the set with some more shade sent at the MMG rapper.

Opening Monday night’s show with a performance of “Charged Up” & “Back To Back,” Drake decided to do so with the help of some hilarious Meek memes as his backdrop. Seriously, Drake apparently accumulated a bunch of Meek Mill memes from the internet (or made them) and had them displayed on the backdrop and jumbo screens while performing the diss record (see gallery above).

But that wasn’t all, Drake later decided to address the situation with some words too, giving Meek the “Participation Award” for “Wanna Know” and saying “You did it to yourself. I’d never let anyone disrespect my city”.

Of course, the fans erupted and gave Drizzy a well-deserved monstrous applause, going as far as chanting “Fuck Meek Mill” at one point too. Thanks to twitter and fans in attendance, we can now see some of these memes in the gallery above and moments captured below. Check it out!


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