DWL: Foota Hype Showing His Rich Life Style On I.G,…Bounty Killer Sends Him A Message

Dancehall selector turned producer Foota Hype can’t catch a break from Bounty Killer’s onslaught these days.

Foota Hype decides it was safe to post a video on his Instagram flashing with a friend Ferrari and calling himself real rich.

See the video and Bounty Killers response below:

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If this is the real bounty killa IG message then I am in full agreement with it, long time I wanted a true Artist to address this fool. I am not the dude to condemn anyone, but we all know how this footer hype dude operates and how he disrespect… Read more »

Yowwwwww, somebody call 911 SKINNING OUT INNA SHORTS PON MAN CAR woieeee I just can’t with my artiste ( Bounty Killa) back to the money yah mon””””

Look how him a walk


Bomboclaat killa jah know star ctfu