Economy: Employment In Jamaica At All-Time High

More Jamaicans are now employed than at any other period in the country’s history.

According to a JIS report: Data from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) show that the number of persons securing employment peaked at a historic 1,204,800 in April 2017, which was 35,800 more than the 1,169,000 persons employed in April 2016.

The out-turn bettered the employment level of 1,187,000 in July 2016, when the country recorded the lowest unemployment figures in five years and the highest employment level for a single month since October 2008, when 1,174,500 persons had jobs.

STATIN data also showed that the unemployment rate fell by a further 1.5 per cent in April 2017 to 12.2 per cent relative to April 2016.

This translated into a reduction in the number of persons who were unemployed from 184,900 in April 2016 to 166,700 in April 2017.

These according to JIS are positive indications for the labour market are a significant improvement over the period October 2008 to July 2011 when more than 90 000 jobs were lost, stemming from the impact of the global economic crisis.

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