Embattled Machete-Wielding Mother Out On Bail,…Now Faces Struggle To Find Legal Fees

Embattled machete-wielding mother Doreen Dyer, who has been charged with ‘cruely of Child’ is feeling stressed out and depressed though happy to be released from lockup on bail. She was released on Tuesday afternoon after being bailed by her cousin.

“I feel good to be out (of lock-up), my neighbours dem come round and ah try cheer me up and talk to me. But I am going to lie down soon, mi stress out and mi head ah hurt me, but mi a clean up mi house and then go lie down,” she told Loop yesterday aftrenoon.

“It’s true, everything she say is true. Mi work hard to send them to school, sometimes mi go hungry to make sure dem alright. Right now, mi inna one $5,000 debt right before mi go jail fi mek sure dem go school and have something. Mi owe a man $700 fi some banana and plantain so when me go work them can fry and eat while I am working. Yesterday, mi friend boil up some soup for me, but now mi don’t have nothing to eat,” she adds.

Miss Dyer also revealed that she is to pay her lawyer $50,000 to start working on her court case which begins on Monday.

“My lawyer wants money, the way mi stress out, mi head a hurt me, mi not even know what to do. He wants $50,000 to start working and the court case is Monday.”

The video of the mother beating her daughter has triggered widespread condemnation across Jamaica, including from the Child Development Agency which reiterated its call for a full ban on corporal punishment.





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Bwoy d lawyer bitter eeh smh couldn’t duh d case probono… We as parents need to be our brothers keeper and donate what we can. Ms Doreen u need to set up an account so persons who want to assist can send the money to it . Its so sad… Read more »

Look how school gyol dem bad nowadays and Naah hear dhi poor lady tired a it.pure man dem ketch and suck cocky all pon video.unnu hyprocrite

I agree she was wrong fe use the cutlass pon the child but i also understand dat she was stress and dat she is a human being dat was at her breaking point

I pray for you every night God will see you true an the person who put the video on social media. wicked u days is going to come soon

If di poor woman a struggle fi feed her kids and send dem school..where di hell dem expect her to find $50,000…