Excerpt: Star Boy 2 “Cricket Wicket He Knows How To Stick It” [Explicit]

Brian came home in a distant mood and not saying much. This for two reasons, one losing the match and second my decision not to attend Saturday’s and Sunday’s games. I tried touching him that night while in bed, and he wasn’t responsive, shaking off my every touch. So I rolled over, laid on my side, facing our wedding portrait which hangs to the right side wall of the room. That was our perfect day, the day we said ‘I do’.
Monday, I am having lunch with Marsha at 1pm it was now 9am. The house phone rang a few times, the person said nothing. The usual stalking pattern, however this time Brian became very annoyed. I was lying in bed when Brian left and went into the kitchen. Again, the phone rings. It so happens this time that both Brian and I picked up the phone. He answered while I remained silent.

“So you are going to ignore me now? Now that you made the team, don’t forget I am carrying your bastard child. Obviously your precious wife has no clue, well that can all change if you continue ignoring my calls on your cell phone.”
“Angela, relax I haven’t been avoiding you. I am under tremendous pressure from all angles. Do me a favor and leave Tania out of this please. I will tell her when I am sure that baby is mine.” Brian was talking half scared and half brazen.
“Brian Lane, I am not Tania Watson! Don’t get smart with me! You had no problem shoving and busting inside me almost nine months ago! When you and your baby T were separated, let us not forget!”
“What do you want from me Angela? Why are you calling the house? You made your point, now what?”
“We need to talk later today, around 12pm. Meet me at Peppers Restaurant, 31 Upper Waterloo Road.”
“I know where it is, I will see you there.” Brian confirmed.
With one finger on the mute button, I carefully hung up the receiver. Again I heard the chiming of my mother’s words, ‘ONCE’! Only ONCE’! I am now wondering if mother knew all along and couldn’t bring herself to tell me, knowing very well this would destroy me.
He tiptoed back into our bedroom. My face was buried in the pillow, fighting back my tears and rage. I had to put on my poker face. I had a plan to publicly blow him out of the water. This was the last straw!
“T baby, are you awake?”
“Yes, I have a slight headache.” I answered with my voice muffled in the pillow.
“I know what will fix that tension.” Brian turned me on my back and stood at the side of the bed, pulling my legs towards him. He began exercising his middle finger in and out. My spot was dry. He then leaned his upper body closer to kiss my neck, moving toward his girls. They were hard and ready for his mouth and watering lips.
“Babes, you are so tight. Stop fighting me, relax. Sorry about last night. Come on give me a little before I go” he whispered, as he gently maneuvered two fingers in and out. Within seconds my juices were over his fingers.
“That’s my girl, I know you want Big B.” Holding my waist with both hands, Brian plunged his mushroom head inside me, and then slowly stroked his fullness in and out. I was shocked at my own ability to emotionally be hurt and yet perform normally in bed. After what I just heard a few minutes ago, we’re riding and gripping to the rhythm of his penis… “Tania Lane, I will always love you.”


Brian came inside me, he was doing this on purpose. I’m pretty sure I now knew what his scheme was. But I wasn’t going to fall for this baby trap. He thinks if I am pregnant, and then find out about Angela, I probably wouldn’t leave him. Well, abortion clinics were built for just that reason and I intend to exercise my right as a woman if this happens. I will be damn if he puts me through another emotionally charged pregnancy!
Rolling out of bed, it was 11:30AM. I told Marsha there was a change of plans. I would pick her up from the hotel. Our reservations were at La Fresca Bar and Grill, which is located few blocks from where Brian and Angela planned to meet. I felt for now, the less she knows the better.
12:15PM sharp. I was at the hotel entrance. Marsha was a few minutes late, but nevertheless I kept our conversation cordial. I didn’t want to say to much and possibly give her any clue that I knew her friend was pregnant with Brian’s baby. It was obvious I was the fool, underneath the glitz and glam I was being talked about. What a disgrace! Brian was going to pay this time! I am so tired of his record of cheating and deceit between us.

I stopped at Peppers.
“Oh Tania, I thought we were going to La Fresca?” Marsha asked.
“Yes, I am making a quick stop. I need to sign a business document and then we will be on our way.”
As Marsha exited the car, I sat in my seat for a few seconds to fix the microphone between my breasts. A rush of nausea came over my body, I was nervous. What I am about to do was something most wives dare not do, but would love to do if they had the courage.
I got out the car, composed myself, making sure the recording device was secured. As Marsha walked behind me, I could see she was confused, and then I heard her mumble something under her breath.
“Damn not those two!”
I didn’t bother to look back at her. I signaled to Patrick, who had the video camera running for his ‘busting cheaters’ reality show and now standing at their table. Brian was at a lost for words.
“What’s going on Brian Lane?” I demanded.
“What does it look like Tania Watson?” This jump off actually had the nerve to reply to me.
“I am not addressing you, Angela. You seem to have a pattern of sticking your ass in the middle of what doesn’t concern you.”
“Not my ass bitch, more like my vagina. My vagina your man here Brian Lane had plenty of!”
That was it, the gloves came off, I took a swing at Angela with the bucket of ice that was on the table. I was going to beat the crap out of her right then and there.
“Tania, stop!” Marsha yelled with her voice so strained. My angry rage was out of control, beating this tramp’s ass was the only thing in my thoughts.
Angela screamed and fought back, well at least tried to. I had her pinned on the floor fisting her face with my knuckles. My body weight pressing her stomach was certainly causing her discomfort.
“Tania! Stop! Get off of her, she’s pregnant!” Marsha’s voice begging and pleading as if I really cared if she was pregnant. She had been asking for a beat down since high school. Brian, the cheating scoundrel, finally pulled me off of her.
“Let go of me Brian! I screamed as I reared back and slapped him across the face with all that I had. “I am done with you and your lies!” Taking off my ring and hurling it in his face as well! “And now you further insult and disrespect me by fathering another child with this whore of all people! How could you Brian?” I yelled at the top of my lungs, publically disgracing his precious celebrity cricket player status. Patrons that witnessed the mayhem continued hovering around the crime scene as the police pulled up. Angela was bleeding from her nose and other parts of her face. Get The Full Book…buy-button-amazon yardhype

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