Fans Accuse Alkaline Of Stealing Popcaan’s Flow & Style From ‘Nah Idle’ On New Track

Young dancehall superstar Alkaline released a new track on Saturday title Hard Tackle but some fans are accusing him of stealing Popcaan’s Flow and Style from his hit song Nah Idle which was released in December 2016.

Popcaan: Yo Cyah jus A IDLE A IDLE A IDLE A IDLE

Alkaline: Dats y mi seh Hard Tackle, Hard Tackle, Hard Tackle, Hard tackle

“Great Minds Think Alike?”

You can stream both songs below and share your opinion also check out the review by YouTube Vlogger Amari Deraisx as he explains the similarities with both tracks.

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Vendetta a the baddest

Obviously him a do supm good why dem cyaa stop call up him name. Gwaan call it up….keep him famous

Him stink like shit him time up like 7 him
Wash up now

Poppy flow, him a thief has usual