Feluke Concert Raises Less Than Quarter Of Funds Needed

Reggae singer/percussionist Denver Feluke Smith will be heading to Mexico for the second stage of aggressive cancer treatment as early as this weekend.

The singer is still giving thanks to entertainers and other industry professionals that turned out recently to support his fight against colon cancer concert.

Having responded well to the treatment received earlier this year, Feluke is preparing for surgery to remove a remaining tumour from his colon. The cost of the surgery is in excess of US$25,000 and the estimated figure to cover other miscellaneous costs is US$15,000.

Though pledges are still being made and collected, it was revealed that the current tally of funds raised by the concert event stands at J$1.2 million. As of Tuesday, the musician’s GoFundMe campaign, with a goal mark of US40,000, peaked at US$4,615.

Regardless of the amount raised, Feluke will be making his way to Mexico as early as this weekend.

You can check out the GoFundMe account here.


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