First Capital Rhythm (About, Tracks) Available On itunes

Spanish Town is getting a much-needed PR boost with the release of the First Capital rhythm from the powerful Armzhouse

independent label. The project is a musical homage to Jamaica’s first capital, Spanish Town, a municipality steeped in history and which boasts important landmarks. Over the last few decades, the town has attracted negative media attention because of bloody gang violence, a lucrative extortion trade and other social ills.

But now, enter the First Capital rhythm which shows that positive things can come out of the former capital.

Mavado leads out the rhythm with Just Us, with witty lines and a catchy delivery that shows that he is still the alpha male who rules over the entire dancehall world. The Gully Gad’s sweet and compelling voice makes the song a bona fide hit.

Flippa Moggela tackles interpersonal relationships on My Woman, where he sets out boundaries for his woman in terms of her relationships with her exes. With his throwback delivery, Flippa Moggela weaves tales of intrigue and betrayal, and a great plus to his music, you can hear each word in his songs. His intro is wicked as well as he says, “Rado, the girls dem love when yu drive out inna the Prado”. Artistes 3 Star and G Star team up for Remote Man, which shows that the Alliance is still bussing new artistes.

Assassin has arguably the best song on the rhythm with Kind To Dem, a searing critical look at the beggy-beggy friendships that one finds oneself saddled with in the Jamaican experience. One of his best lines is when he deejays: “give dem eight, nine and 10, dem a wait pon 11/we see say dem a evil heart”, and you will crack up when he intones: “nuff a dem a dash obeah, mi smell something funky/ ah dem mate with the primate and sleep with the monkey/ah dem tings de get mi cross like Bounty”.

Chino is one of the most consistent artistes in dancehall today, and his precise melodies, complex rhyming schemes and sing-a-long hooks make him a joy to listen. He is simply brilliant on Nuh Trust Dem.

Demarco defends Money saying, ‘If anno money, mi nu waan hear the topic’, while Bugle warns Gwaan Talk. Bugle has a few great lines such as, “all dem do everyday is watch we like Oprah”.

I-Octane defends the gangsters with Buss A Blank, and he hits out at the gender-benders with, “we no wear no bwoy clothes so nutten pon mi body nah bun me, no man nuffi squeeze bwoy face weh the bump de”. Jahvinci uses his magnificent voice to great effect to elevate Kip It From Now. He combines well with rookie Propally, an artiste from Waterhouse.

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The First Capital rhythm is available for sale on all major digital distribution outlets.

Mavado – At the Top (Just Us) – Single – #iTunes

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