Five Steez gets ‘Deadly’ in ‘These Kingston Times’

Independent artist, Five Steez, has released first single, ‘Deadly’, from his forthcoming digital EP, ‘These Kingston Times’
. The track is available for streaming on Soundcloud and as a free download
exclusively on Bandcamp until the release of the project.

‘Deadly’, produced by DJ Crooks, features a classic Hip Hop breakbeat mixed with a vintage Reggae
sound and a signature Dancehall chant. Equipped with sharp verses as well as
a hypnotic hook and bridge, Five Steez makes this one a sure crowd pleaser.

“I had fun with this record because it’s so Hip Hop
and it fuses elements from di
fferent Jamaican
genres so well,” says Five Steez. “
I just went in with th
e flow and
of course, I had to big up people
like Heavy D and Chubb Rock, who were also born in Jamaica.”
“I’m glad that F
rocked it
like he did,” says the California

based, Jamaica

born DJ Crooks. “
It’s Hip
Hop at its purest, really. This is how we c
an honour the dynamic nature of the Jamaican music
culture, paying respect to Reggae and Hip Hop at the same time.”

These Kingston Times

is said to be
the modern tale of the Jamaican capital, Kingston.
“I wanted to
paint my city the way I see it, and in
a way I’ve never heard the story told before in music,” says Five
Steez. “Since Hip Hop’s genesis with
Kool Herc, there has always been a Jamaican influence and
involvement in the genre, but you’ve never heard about actual life here in ‘yard’, as we
ectionately call it. It’s a new perspective in Hip Hop, but parallel to that of urban environments

’ does not even scratch the surface,
according to Five Steez. “The project gets
dark, deep and
grimy at times, but
I want to ease
people into it without giving away too much of
what it’s really about till
hear it.”

These Kingston Times
’ is set for
October 14
via Bandcamp, iTunes and other outlets.
Five Steez is an independent rapper from Kingston, Jamaica who bega
n capturing attention in 2010
with his ‘
’ mixtape series alongside Bronx

based DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut
album, ‘
War for Peace
’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including iTunes.
has since gone on to organizing
ingston’s premier Hip Hop event

Pay Attention.

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