Foota Hype Claps Back The Nightly Fix Hosts, Says He Could Sue Them For Telling “Lies” On Him

Popular selector turn producer Foota Hype has clapped back at the hosts of Nightly Fix after they criticised him for comments he made about Quite Perry following the death of Dexter 3D Pottinger.

During the Nightly Fix programmed aired on Monday night one of the hosts accused Foota Hype of saying that he saw Quite Perry sitting in Dexter Pottinger’s lap at Carib throwing popcorns in each other’s mouth. This Foota Hype denies as according to the selector he never made any mention of Perry and Pottinger sitting in each others lap.

Foota Hype is now saying that he could sue the hosts of the programme if he decides for spreading false information about him.

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