Foota Hype Exposed Noah Powa Uploads Video Of Him Twerking To “Favourite Position”

Dancehall selector-turn-producer Foota Hype took to his social media on Wednesday night to upload a video of Noah twerking on his head top.

This is a response to a skit done by Noah Powa (US-based disc jock, internet sensation) and Jamaican comedian Jaiifrais earlier this week, which trolled Foota’s recent video which showed him on a red Ferrari.

“A dem b****hole yah a try style mi dem and dem b***yman long mouth stinking c**t mouth suck h**d blotclaat dj,” Foota captioned the video. “Mi tell unu never try style Pisces a God mi say si how di fish swim out and skin out unu tag dem cause mi not even have words fi dem shithouse weh a gwaan like [DHQ Sher].”

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Don’t know

Who’s Noah …. I am scared to watch the clip, is it disgusting?🤔💭


So y foota hype a reveal him man business so. After you and the man mek private video, you delete your part and post it caz a d little argument unnuh have. Kmft