Foota Hype Hits Back At Bounty Shares Photos Of Killer’s Alleged “Gay Son” (Pics)

Over the last couple of days, dancehall veteran Bounty Killer and popular selector turned producer Foota Hype have been engaged in an all-out verbal altercation on Instagram.

In one of the latest rants by Foota Hype he took to his Instagram to share photos of Bounty Killer’s alleged “gay son.”

“di bitch [Bounty Killer] drag my daughter in a him obsession weh him have wid mi suh let mi introduce uno to him openly gay son qway the queer notice even him family address him as dem niece and qway the queer a send a man three love struck face now mi nuh know bout nobody else but I would happily accept a jacket daughter than a battyman son bounty killa u have battyman blood that’s y u can’t address the fucking video, shoot again cause mi have clip load a truth fi u u baby mother dem a full mi Dm so let’s go” Foota captioned in his first post before adding another.

“[Bounty Killer] batty general if a my son this mi kill mi self and u a blotclaat style man daughter when u suck hood son a try be a daughter look wah the fish comment . Qway the gay rodneys way” Foota captioned in his post below:

Bounty Killer Continues Feud With Foota Hype Says Owner Of Ferrari “Took Foota On A Date”

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Someone please to tag fooota hype tell him to leave killer alone and and stop try to be little the man cause killer a real man not a boy like foota hype ,a full time u foota hype grow up and be a man

Think this gone too far now

A shame

Youth dea no look nothing like killer