Foota Hype and JA Productions boss, Justus at it “Dissing each other”

Dancehall selector Foota Hype is dismissing claims that there is an ongoing feud between himself and JA Productions boss, Justus Arison, after the selector banned Arison from attending his weekly event recently.

The alleged bad blood between the two started over a week ago, after Foota Hype allegedly shut off the sound at his weekly session ‘Gallis Wednesdays’ while Mavado’s title track High Life, on Arison’s rhythm of the same name was being played.

Arison said: “The man walk in and turn off the sound inna the middle of the song. I thought he was going to say something over the mic, but him just stop the riddim from play, and kill the vibes in his own party.”

But Foota Hype refuted the allegations. He told THE STAR that the music was turned off to begin his set.

“I didn’t know what was playing, and him just come and say ‘play back di song, play back di song!’ I didn’t know what he was talking about … but it was my time to play and they cut off the song and I introduced myself. It was just the timing, I go on at the same time every Wednesday,” he said.

The following day after the event, Foota Hype took to social networking site Instagram and declared: “Effective immediately from the promoters of #galliswednesdays, Justus of JA Productions is officially banned from entering the premises of Limelight Nightclub hwt on a Wednesday night no matter which star, superstar or regular person he is rolling with. This is based on his disrespectful and disorderly conduct last night.”

gyal clown

Displeased with Foota’s announcement, Arison hit back on Instagram also declaring: “You’re not able to control your bad mind ways. You’re officially banned from your (ex) gyal [email protected]#$$%”.

The irate producer also took to Twitter and posted, “Funny how the biggest gyal clown in the history of the world keep a party name Gallis Wednesday” and also suggested that: “If me ever propose to me girl in a dance, shoot me dead on spot, ok”, a reference to Foota Hype’s decision to propose to his ex-lover Ishawna in a dance over a year ago.

Tensions have reached a high point since Ishawna upped the stakes by doing a song called Restraining Order on Arison’s ‘High Life’ rhythm, which appears to take potshots at Foota Hype.

The song has been generating a lot of attention on social media and has been getting multiple spins on radio.

Despite the jabs made at him by Arison, Foota told THE STAR he is not upset with him.

“I honestly don’t have him up, I think him need fi go rehab and anger management.” Efforts to get further comments from Arison proved futile up to late yesterday.


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