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We don’t have too much gays we have too many criminals and vicious murderers I am not backing gays but what is going on in Jamaica now is not caused from gays, but greed,envy and very​ evil

You know what I found hilarious is that Foota think is gays create immorality. But when you were beating ishawna you though that was something decent?? when you beat her in front of her son you never though that was something a child shouldn’t be exposed to??? You get all… Read more »
Fully agree Foota All of a sudden “fish behaviour” become the norm in Jamdown.Keep them nasty life in them bedroom, not in public where kids and other decent people attend. “Nuff a dem who don’t see anything wrong with these behaviour are undercover “fish/lesbian” or them get support and entertainment… Read more »
There is a reason why these things should remain private….a nuh everything good eat, good fi talk….some a unnu just waan everybody know unnu bizniz…if unnu give smaddy something, the world must know, if unnu a pray, the world must know, if unnu have likkle money, di world must know,… Read more »

The guy they found with the tv said he came on to him; yet they found used condoms at the scene.

The truth soon revealed and only then will ppl accept that as homophobic as the country is, ppl still accepted him.